Updated guidance for supporting parents with learning disabilities.

Working Together with Parents Network (WPTN), led by the University of Bristol, have updated Government guidance from 2007 on working with parents with a learning disability.  New references and  updated guidance are now included for example: Working Together 2015 replaces Working Together 2006, and the Equality Act 2010 replaces the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

The guidance also contains some more recent good practice examples to help illustrate its messages of how best to support parents.

A list of messages from parents detailing the help and approach they have found useful is given as:

 Listen to children
 Help children to understand what a social worker is and what their job is
 Help the children say what they want to say
 Recognise positive changes, even if they’re very small
 Put judgements in the background (we know you’re judging us but don’t behave like you are when you’re talking to us)
 Help us to understand how the system works and who does what
 Put in support workers to help us get the children to school on time and things like that
 Build up trust so that we feel OK about letting you into our house and sharing information with you
 Don’t patronise us
 Believe that we can change
 Acknowledge what we are doing, not just what we’re struggling with.

Taken from a meeting with parents with learning disabilities in Bristol (source Bristol .ac.uk)