Update to our e-Safety Training course!

You might have noticed that in the past month we’ve had a bit of a makeover here at the Child Protection Company! Our website redesign isn’t the only update we’ve made, however – last month, we updated our e-Safety Training course to include lots of new information too.

Online safety is an essential safeguarding topic for schools, colleges and Early Years environments. Virtually every member of staff in each of these settings is responsible for maintaining the organisation’s online safety policy, in order to protect themselves the children in their care from unnecessary online harm, and to adhere to the guidance outlined by inspecting bodies such as Ofsted and Estyn.

As our familiarity with the internet and various social media grows, we might consider ourselves something of experts when it comes to online safety. The truth of the matter is, however, that there is a lot more to this essential safeguarding topic than meets the eye. Aside from reviewing your social media privacy settings and disabling location services on your device, there are a whole host of other concerns you need to be aware of and know how to handle as someone who works with children. It is an absolute requirement that you know the correct process to follow if, for example, a teenager who has had private photos of themselves spread across the school in the midst of an online bullying incident decides to “forward” the indecent image to you during their cry for help. The act of viewing this image is not only an offence in itself, but it could raise a whole new set of concerns with the potential to significantly harm both yours, the child’s and the school’s reputation.

This is just one example from one area of online safety. Our updated e-Safety Training course also includes detailed information on topics including data protection, internet predators, online risks, anti-radicalisation, games and online gaming, and the correct procedures for reporting concerns.

There is always something new to learn about this essential child protection topic; as the internet grows, so do its risks and the correct procedures for handling concerns. We update our courses regularly to reflect these rapid changes, so choosing to train with the Child Protection Company guarantees you are always one step ahead of the game and well-equipped to handle any incidents within your workplace.

For schools who want to extend their e-Safety message to students outside of the classroom, we also offer a specific e-Safety for Parents online training course.