UK behind Brazil in digital skills

A worldwide study conducted by Barclays into digital skills has revealed that whilst 39% of Brazilians feel they could build a website, only 16% of British workers feel the same.

The report into digital education revealed that Britain is one of the most active consumer markets however, it is lacking skills when it comes to creating new digital technologies.  With ever-changing technologies, such as smartphones, apps and social media, it is important for British people to equip themselves with the skills to keep apace of these developments and to keep their personal data safe.

Somewhat worryingly, only 13% of Britons use password generating software to create secure logins, in comparison with 32% of people in China and India.  In addition, only 41% of Britons change their passwords regularly, in contrast to 59% of people in India who do so.

The Barclays survey questioned 10,000 workers in 10 countries.  The UK did perform relatively well on ‘digital empowerment’, coming behind Estonia, South Korea and Sweden.  In terms of how well workers harness new technologies, Briton came in sixth place.

Teaching coding and computing as part of the school curriculum will almost certainly make a difference but it could be that workplaces need to offer individuals the opportunities to develop their digital skills in the workplace.

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