Tech-savvy kids confuse parents

Children are now being taught coding as part of the new school curriculum, resulting in some parents being left staggered by their child’s knowledge of terms such as ‘algorithm’, ‘bugs’ and ‘cookies’.

A recent study of 1000 parents of children aged 3-8 shows that two thirds of them didn’t realise their children were learning coding.  Despite most parents saying they had some knowledge of computers, a quarter said they would feel out of their depth if they had to help with coding homework.  Half of those polled even said that they would leave their kids to it with coding homework.

A spokesperson for Fisher-Price has stated that, ‘British children are among the most advanced when it comes to their knowledge of computing and coding’.

Perhaps it’s time that parents got some coding lessons too!  Have you helped your children with coding homework?  Have you found it a struggle, an interesting challenge or a walk in the park?

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