Social Work Reform Board progress report published

Following recommendations for comprehensive reform of the social work system to allow social workers to be able to practice their profession with more support and confidence and in a safer way, the Social Work Reform Board (SWRB) was formed. The SWRB has been working to make the task force’s recommendations a reality and has, as a result, regularly produced reports giving updates on the progress of the reforms taking place.

The latest and final report was published only a couple of days ago by the Chair of the SWRB, Moira Gibbs. In the report, she stated:

“We have set out a vision for the future in which the social work profession has the support and confidence it needs to improve outcomes for the most vulnerable in our society. Today marks a staging post in the journey of social work reform and a foundation for delivering a better future for social work.

“I believe our reports will support and guide employers, those involved in educating and training social workers and the profession itself to achieve this. We hope this report will be used as a working tool assisting the sector and employers as they undertake this challenging task.

“This is likely to be our last significant report as we hand the baton of reform to others in the social work sector.”

The SWRB is made up of representatives from all across the social work sector, including those in higher education, carers and social workers themselves.

The full report ‘Building a safe and confidential future: Maintaining Momentum – A progress report from the Social Work Reform Board’ is available on the Department for Education’s website.