Shaken baby syndrome – How to cope with a crying baby

When a baby won’t stop crying, it can be extremely difficult to cope.  It is the only way a baby has to communicate that they are feeling upset or uncomfortable in some way.  Unfortunately though, they are not able to communicate with words and carers can become frustrated.

Below (and in no particular order) are some coping mechanisms which have been published:

1.  Count to 10.  This may give you time to calm down.

2.  Check that the baby doesn’t need feeding or changing or that he is too hot or cold.

3.  Take the baby for a walk or a drive.  This may have the effect of getting them to sleep.

4.  Cuddle the baby.  Sometimes a baby just wants comfort.

5.  Walk out of the room for a short time but do stay close by.

6.  Ask someone you trust to look after your baby for a while so that you can take a break.

7.  In case of a crisis, make use of helplines.