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When was the last time you completed a schools online safety course?


What is a schools online safety course?

Schools online safety courses form a vital part of your safeguarding training requirements if you work in an education setting in the United Kingdom. It is so important to keep up to date with your online safety training because the internet poses new safety risks to children and young adults every day.

Online safety is perhaps the most rapidly changing aspect of safeguarding training. There are multiple risks to consider, from child sexual exploitation to radicalisation. The internet and online technology is advancing all the time, and new apps, games, websites, and viral ‘challenges’ with the potential to cause harm appear every day. For this reason, it is vital to take a schools online safety course regularly. Once is not enough when it comes to taking a safeguarding training course. Your knowledge needs to be current so that you can protect the children in your care from online harm as much as possible.


Why do I need a schools online safety course?

There are so many different online safety courses available that it can be difficult to know which one to choose. However, not every online safety course is developed with schools and the specific needs of the education sector in mind.

Our bestselling e-Safety Training course is written specifically for school staff in the United Kingdom and covers all the essential topics you need to keep the children in your school safe and to pass your next Ofsted (or equivalent) inspection with flying colours.

You need to take a schools online safety course to ensure that you are getting the correct knowledge for your working environment. ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018’ places heavy emphasis on the need for all staff to have completed a schools online safety course.


schools online safety course


Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018

Everyone in the education sector knows the importance of following the statutory government guidance ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018’. This guidance includes a whole section on schools online safety and the need for focused safeguarding training in this area.

‘Governors and proprietors should ensure that, as part of the requirement for staff to undergo regularly updated safeguarding training (paragraph 81) and the requirement to ensure children are taught about safeguarding, including online safety (paragraph 85), that online safety training for staff is integrated, aligned and considered as part of the overarching safeguarding approach.’ (Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018, p.94) 

It is not enough to assume that online safety will be included in every schools online safeguarding course. You should check that the safeguarding course you are taking has the required amount of online safety training included, covering all the essential topics listed in the statutory guidance and outlined by Ofsted.

Our bestselling Safeguarding in Education online training course has a full module dedicated to online safety. Essentially 3 courses in 1, it delivers a full introduction to safeguarding in a school setting, as well as incorporating modules on the Prevent duty and online safety. For a more focused, in-depth overview of online safety in relation to the education sector, our e-Safety Training course is the best choice.


schools online safety course


The Importance of Keeping Up

As mentioned above, and as you will already know, the internet is a rapidly changing landscape where risks to children and young people are growing day by day. Viral internet challenges and trends that encourage young people to act irresponsibly for shares and likes are just one concern of many. Radicalisation, the worry of online grooming, and child sexual exploitation are some of the even darker risks that continue to grow.

Because of the pace at which risks appear online, it is extremely important to keep up to date with your schools online safety training. Not only should you be paying attention to your online safety certificate to check that it is always within date, you should make sure that the course you are taking has been updated recently, too.

Unlike the Child Protection Company, many online training providers unfortunately do not pay close attention to updating the content of their courses in a timely manner. This can mean serious consequences for unsuspecting schools who purchase and take their courses, when it comes to inspection day and it comes to light that the training course did not cover all of the required learning outcomes.

At the Child Protection Company, we update our courses frequently, in response to changes in safeguarding legislation and guidance. You can be sure when you start training with us that our e-Safety Training and Safeguarding in Education courses reflect the most current safeguarding legislation, including the needs of ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018’, ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018’, and all Ofsted and equivalent inspection requirements.

For schools that are not inspected by Ofsted, e.g. those in Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, we specify on the course page whether the content is suitable for you, but if you are unsure, you can always contact us by emailing or calling 01327 552030 for specific information.

Please ensure you check every online safeguarding course before purchasing to ensure the content is exactly what you need. This is not only important in terms of passing your inspection with flying colours, but it is vital for keeping the children in your care as safe as possible.


schools online safety course


Do all members of staff need to take a schools online safety course?

Yes, every member of staff working in an education environment, from teachers to lunchtime supervisors, and governors to administration staff, needs to complete an up to date and verifiable schools online safety course.


Where can I find a verifiable schools online safety course? 

Here at the Child Protection Company, we are specialists in safeguarding training. We work with over 1,500 schools in the United Kingdom and we’ve provided safeguarding training to over 100,000 individuals over the past decade. With a team of dedicated safeguarding experts who write our courses, and a friendly customer support team on-hand to answer any questions you might have, we like to think we know what we’re doing.

That’s why all of our online safeguarding courses come with a fully verifiable certificate and a whole host of useful features that a school might find handy—including an online management system that enables you to keep track of all staff training in one place, schedule automatic reminders when your training is due for renewal, and take control of how and when you roll out training to all staff.

Our bestselling Safeguarding in Education online training course is essentially 3 courses in 1, including modules on the Prevent duty and online safety alongside a comprehensive introduction to child protection. We also offer a dedicated e-Safety Training course for school staff, and a fantastic supplementary e-Safety for Parents course, to make it simple for you to take a whole community approach to online safety.

For more information about our excellent online safeguarding courses, or to receive a personalised quote for your school, please contact us by calling 01327 552030 or email us at today.