Poor Prevent training leads teachers in England to refer unnecessarily

Figures released from the National Police Chiefs’ Council reveal that a total of 3,994 people in England and Wales were referred to the de-radicalisation programme known as Channel in 2015, and that one third of these referrals were made by teachers. Meanwhile, the total number of referrals made to Prevent in Scotland during 2015 was 131, with just 16 of these referrals coming from schools.

Experts have suggested that poor Prevent duty training could be leading teachers in England and Wales to report too frequently, and unnecessarily in many cases.

Indeed, Prevent training operates differently for teachers in Scotland, compared to training in England and Wales. In Scotland, Prevent training is generally delivered to teachers as part of a broader spectrum – an arrangement that does not exist for many schools in other parts of the country.

The Scottish government states that its approach to Prevent is “to implement a balanced and proportionate approach to safeguarding vulnerable individuals from radicalisation.”

It is a duty for all staff in UK schools to hold an up-to-date record of Prevent duty training. Failure to evidence this could result in being downgraded in Ofsted or ISI inspections, and more importantly could lead to suspected incidents going unnoticed and/or unreported.

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