Online training – Common misconceptions

When considering whether to arrange face-to-face training or online child protection training, some clients find it hard to understand what online training can entail. At, we provide online and face-to-face child protection training at Levels 1, 2, along with e-Safety training and vulnerable adult protection training and have often been asked the question of which is the better training method.

For increasing numbers of clients, their preference is online training as, in addition to the cost advantages, our online training courses assess the knowledge retained. One of the most common misconceptions of online training is that once you start doing the training, you cannot leave it to go off and do something else and then come back to it. This is incorrect. Our online training courses allow the client to start the training and come-and-go as they please. Each time you leave the site, it will save your place and take you back to it once you recommence training.

Another misconception is that everyone in the organisation has to take the training at the same time. Again, this is incorrect. Once signed up to our training, everyone needing training is put onto the system and each person can start and finish the training at a time to suit them – whether that be at mid-day or midnight. A record of training can be accessed by the organisation administrator at any time.