Where can I find online music safeguarding training?

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We have developed two online music safeguarding training courses specifically for individuals who work or volunteer in music education, or who participate in an amateur or leisure-time music group and require a knowledge of vulnerable adult and/or child protection.


What is music safeguarding training?

Safeguarding training is essential for all individuals, from professional to volunteer, who work with children and/or vulnerable adults, or who come into contact with children and/or vulnerable adults as part of their role in a group or organisation. Every member of staff in a music education environment needs to take a music safeguarding training course for this reason. Many individuals who are involved with an amateur or leisure-time music group may also need a music safeguarding training certificate.

Music safeguarding training covers essential elements of vulnerable adult and child protection, including how to identify abuse and neglect, how to respond correctly to concerns about a child’s welfare, and which guidance, laws, and legislation you should be familiar with if you work with or around children and vulnerable adults.


Where can I find music safeguarding training? 

Right here at the Child Protection Company, we offer a range of online safeguarding training courses for specific sectors—including music safeguarding training. We currently offer two different music safeguarding training courses, to ensure there is appropriate training for everyone involved in teaching, tutoring or running music groups and choirs.

Our online Safeguarding in Music Education training course is suitable for all staff who work and teach in the music education sector, including those who teach music lessons in regular school environments.

Our online Safeguarding for Music Groups training course is suitable for any individual with a need for music safeguarding training, who runs or takes part in any amateur or leisure-time music group.


online music safeguarding training


Why do I need music safeguarding training specifically?

One of the most important features of a good safeguarding training course is that it includes case studies relevant to your environment. Being able to put the training into the context of your setting is essential so that you are fully prepared to apply your knowledge to any real-life safeguarding incident, if the opportunity arises.

For this reason, it is no use for an amateur music group to take a safeguarding course that has been written to suit the needs of a primary school teacher, for example.

Many safeguarding training providers will offer generic safeguarding training courses that do not necessarily fit the needs of a music setting, or do not give appropriate advice for a role in music education.

At the Child Protection Company, we work directly with safeguarding professionals and industry professionals to develop online safeguarding training courses that are specific to you and meet the exact needs of your particular environment. Our online music safeguarding courses are no exception to this rule.

That’s not to mention, we have developed each of our online music safeguarding training courses in conjunction with Making Music, the UK’s largest membership body for leisure-time music groups, and Music Mark, the UK Association for Music Education, who represent government-funded music services across the country.


online music safeguarding training


Do music safeguarding training certificates expire? 

Yes. All verifiable music safeguarding training certificates will have an expiry date, as the laws and guidance surrounding safeguarding change frequently and you need to be aware of these changes as someone who works around children or vulnerable adults.

Typically, safeguarding certificates have a lifetime of 1 to 3 years. Each of our verifiable online music safeguarding training certificates expires after 2 years.


Which online music safeguarding training course should I take for my role?

You should take our online Safeguarding in Music Education training course if you work as any of the following, or in related roles:

  • Music Teacher (School setting)
  • Music Teacher (Music School setting)
  • Music Tutor
  • Private Music Tutor
  • Head of Music Department

You should take our online Safeguarding for Music Groups training course if you work in any of the following roles, or are involved with any of the following and do not teach in a music education environment:

  • Music Group Leader
  • Choirs
  • Amateur Music Group
  • Leisure-time Music Group
  • Bands
  • Independent Musicians

If you are still unsure of which online music safeguarding course you should take, please get in touch with our friendly customer support team by calling 01327 552030, emailing us at help@childprotectioncompany.com, or speaking to us via our live chat feature. Our office is open from 9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.


online music safeguarding training


What will happen if I don’t have a music safeguarding training certificate?

If you work in a school environment and you are subject to inspection by Ofsted, Estyn, Education Scotland, the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), or any equivalent inspecting body, it is required of you by law to have an up to date safeguarding training certificate at all times. If you are found to be without one, or if your previous safeguarding training certificate has expired, your school will lose marks during inspection and this could mean serious consequences.

Of course, that’s not to mention the fact you are knowingly putting children and vulnerable adults at risk by not paying full attention to your safeguarding training responsibilities.

The laws and legislation surrounding safeguarding in the United Kingdom are updated and refreshed often, which could mean safeguarding protocol has significantly changed since you last took a safeguarding training course. As a professional, or as someone who works or volunteers in close contact with children and vulnerable adults, it is your duty to be aware of these changes and to know what to do in the event of a safeguarding incident.

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.

You should not hesitate to start one of our verifiable online music safeguarding training courses today if you do not have a current, up to date certificate.

You need to be able to evidence your safeguarding training to inspectors. Our online learning management system makes it easy for groups, schools, and organisations to do this effectively, by holding all current staff certificates in one central location, so you can evidence your training to an inspector at the simple click of a button.

For more information about our verifiable online music safeguarding training courses, please click here.