New angle for Government consultation on online child protection

Over recent days, we noted the Government’s consultation on how to protect children from inappropriate content on websites and how ISPs could be regulated to make users opt in to such material.

However, discussion is now taking place on various sites regarding parental responsibility and where this is bought in to play on the matter.  It discusses the reasoning that too many parents believe that the solution is to regulate the internet instead of regulating their own children.  One commentator mentions how many parents let their children have TVs or computers in the bedroom – effectively allowing them not to socialise with the family and therefore work out the do’s and don’ts of life and where to draw the line.  By watching TV together, a family can discuss what’s on the telly and learn.  Being part of a family is the best filter a parent can provide for their child.  You cannot turn off the internet but you can turn off a computer and explain respectability to a child.

The commentator goes one to discuss the fact that there will always be louder calls for filters, even though applying filters to those who change contract will probably take decades to permeate through the whole system.  Statistics show that only 5% of people change their contract per quarter and 5 million people have never changed.