More details on Government child protection overhaul

Yesterday’s blog contained the announcement by the Children’s Minister, Tim Loughton of new Child Protection guidance being published.  The guidance has been published in the consultation document Working Together to Safeguard Children and it calls for views on the following issues:

1.  Radically reduced guidance that seeks to state the law so all organisations know what they and others must do to protect children.  It does not tell professionals how to do their job but provides a checklist setting out their duties.

2.  New guidance on undertaking assessments of children in need.  The guidance proposes to replace nationally prescribed timescales for assessments with a more flexible approach focused on the needs of each child.

3. New guidance on Serious Case Reviews (SCRs) to help all services learn the lessons from them.  The guidance proposes changes so SCRs get to the heart of what happened in a particular case and why, and set out what improvements need to be made to help prevent recurrence.