Government initiatives on parenting

David Cameron announced new parenting initiatives last week for all parents, not just those who are considered problematic.  He is said to find it ludicrous that parents receive more training in how to drive a car then how to raise a child.

A £3.4m digital information service is to be introduced which will give advice to parents from teething to tantrums by providing free email alerts and text messages.  And in three trial areas, free parenting class will also be available for parents of under-fives.  If this is found to be effective, it will be rolled out nationally.  Summer pilots will also be offered providing relationship support for first-time parents.

With changes in the set-up of the family structure in the last decade or so, led by divorce, separation and the arrive of ‘blended families’ guide books and tv programmes have led the way in giving parental advice.

However, during more recent financial crises, unemployment and the advent of access to the internet, the parental challenge has become so much harder.  It is hoped that by offering the support to make a stronger family unit, children and families can be protected from rough periods during the process of children growing up.