Government consultation on online child protection welcomed

Campaigners have welcomed yesterday’s announcement that the Government is to consult into ways of protecting children from inappropriate web content.  The Conservative back-bencher Claire Perry said “I am delighted that the Prime Minister is once again showing his commitment to protecting our children online”.

Having led the group putting together the report, she continued “Our report made a number of key recommendations, including asking the Government to lead a formal consultation into opt-in filtering of adult content and the whole team is really pleased that our work has paid off.  We know that families across Britain will welcome this news”.

However, some civil liberties groups argue that normal websites could be censored by imperfect filtering systems and that it should be down to parents taking responsibility for protecting their children online.

One option understood to be favoured by the Government would be for providers to force all customers to make an “active choice” whether or not they wish to be able to access pornography rather than block it by default but the Open Rights Group feel that this would be inappropriate and may inadvertently block a wide range of innocent material.