Extra 750,000 school places needed by 2025

An official forecast by the Department for Education predicts that an extra 750,000 school places will be required in England by 2025.

Schools have already faced 16 consecutive years of rising pupil numbers, with an extra 470,000 pupils entering the school system between 2009 and 2016.

The projected increase of 10% more pupils in the state school system brings the number up from 7.4 million to 8.1 million.  There are concerns from head teachers’ leaders that this increase will make it even harder for parents to get their children into their first choice schools.

Whilst the population bulge is moving thorough the secondary years, the increase in primary numbers is slowing.  The current primary population in 4.5 million and the forecast predicts that this will increase to 4.68 million in 4 years’ time, but will then stabilise.

Increases in pupil numbers have implications for school buildings, teacher recruitment and retention, and class sizes.

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