Dealing with safeguarding complaints

Would you know what to do if you found yourself or someone in your organisation as the subject of a safeguarding complaint or allegation?  Our Further Child Protection training course dedicates a whole module to this important issue.  Below are a couple of short extracts from the online training course:

Managing complaints and allegations

You or a member of your organisation may become the subject of a complaint regarding a shortcoming in the safeguarding or child protection process. This module provides guidance about best practice.


Families experiencing safeguarding or child protection processes may be under a significant amount of stress. Even though they may have been responsible for the potential abuse or neglect of a child, they still have a right to complain about issues they are unhappy with.

Allegations against staff members

All allegations against staff which compromise the safety of children should be dealt with fairly, quickly and with consistency, in ways which provide effective safeguards and protection of children.

All allegations should be reported to the SDP/DDP unless the allegation relates to them. In this instance the report should be made to the most senior member of the organisation.