Children’s Social Work Matters success story

Since October last year, a scheme has been running called Children’s Social Work Matters.  This is a two-year project launched by 15 authorities within Yorkshire and the Humber which, between them, look after more than 74,000 children.  The purpose of the project was to help promote the social work profession, something which, following high profile cases, is not always shown in a positive light.

Director of Safeguarding Children and Families at Rotherham Council, Howard Woolfenden, said “The negative connotations of children’s social work are obvously from higher profile cases where safeguarding inefficiencies have been exposed, so you’re looking at Victoria Climbie and Baby P as the two big high profile cases that have come about”.

The Children’s Social Work Matters campaign has proved a success already with a recent advertisement for a frontline social worker job in duty assessment for Kirklees receiving 57 applications.  It is understood that a London council is now expressing interest in carrying out the same campaign.