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Our online childminders safeguarding training course is written by child protection experts specifically to meet the unique safeguarding training needs of a childminder in the United Kingdom, including modules on the Prevent duty and online safety.


What is childminders safeguarding training? 

Safeguarding training is essential for all individuals, from professional to volunteer, who work with or have a need to come into contact with children under the age of 18 as part of their job role. You will need safeguarding training if you plan to work as a childminder in the United Kingdom.

Online safeguarding training for childminders covers elements of child protection including how to identify the various forms of abuse and neglect, how to respond correctly to concerns about a child’s welfare, and which guidance, laws, and legislation you should be familiar with if you work with or around children. Our bestselling Child Protection for Childminders course also includes essential modules on the Prevent duty and online safety.

Ensuring that you have an up to date safeguarding training certificate for childminders will help you to deliver a professional level of service to the families and children that you work with.


childminders safeguarding training


Why do I need childminders safeguarding training?

First and foremost, you need safeguarding training in order to protect the welfare of the children in your care. As explained above, childminders safeguarding training is designed to make you aware of the specific child protection issues you need to be aware of in your role.

However, it is also essential for you to have a childminders safeguarding training certificate in order to pass your Ofsted inspection. Safeguarding training is one of the main areas of inspection, and if you are caught with an out-of-date certificate or no certificate at all, you will lose valuable marks and risk your reputation as a childminder. This is something that could take years to recover from.

Aside from being a major Ofsted requirement, it is also a legal requirement for you to have childminders safeguarding training.


Can I take online childminders safeguarding training?

Yes. Most local authorities in the United Kingdom agree that it is perfectly acceptable to take an online childminders safeguarding training course instead of attending a face-to-face safeguarding course.

In fact, an increasing number of childminders are switching to online safeguarding training every year because it offers a simpler alternative to expensive and time-consuming face-to-face courses. Why sit on a long waiting list for a course that requires you to travel to a faraway location when our online childminders safeguarding training (Child Protection for Childminders) offers better value for money, reduces your need to travel (and therefore, reduces all your travel expenses, too!) and empowers you to learn at your own pace?

With our bestselling online childminders safeguarding course, you can pause and restart your training as often as you need to, and when you’ve successfully completed the course, you can download a verifiable certificate instantly.


childminders safeguarding training


Why do I need to take a childminders safeguarding training course specifically? 

There are, strictly speaking, no rules about which safeguarding course you should take as a childminder. If you want to take one of the generic ‘one size fits all’ safeguarding courses offered by another company, you can—but you will likely need to purchase access to multiple courses to get the full suite of training required by Ofsted.

Unlike many other roles, childminders need to know about other aspects of safeguarding like the Prevent duty and online safety, as well as the essential child protection topics such as abuse and neglect, how to report concerns, and lone-working safeguarding concerns. A generic safeguarding training course will not necessarily cover all of these topics, so you will end up needing to buy more than one online course to meet the full Ofsted inspection requirements.

However, our specific childminders safeguarding training has been developed as a time- and money-saving alternative. Our child protection experts have written the course content to suit the unique needs of a childminder in the United Kingdom, so it includes everything you need to fulfil Ofsted’s safeguarding training requirements—including modules on the Prevent duty and online safety. These learning outcomes are all listed on your childminders safeguarding training certificate, so Ofsted inspectors can see exactly what your safeguarding training covered.


Do childminders safeguarding training certificates have an expiry date?

Yes. All verifiable childminders safeguarding training certificates will have an expiry date, as the laws and guidance surrounding safeguarding change frequently and you need to be aware of these changes as someone who works closely with children.

Typically, safeguarding certificates have a lifetime of 1 to 3 years. Our verifiable online childminders safeguarding training certificates expire after 2 years.

You will be able to download a copy of your childminders safeguarding training certificate immediately on successful completion of our Child Protection for Childminders online course.


childminders safeguarding training


What topics does Child Protection for Childminders cover? 

Our bestselling Child Protection for Childminders online course will give you an overview of the essential safeguarding knowledge you need to protect the welfare of the children in your care. Our childminders safeguarding training covers topics such as:

  • The different types of abuse and neglect
  • How to identify abuse and neglect
  • Online safety and safeguarding children on the internet
  • Radicalisation and extremism (the Prevent duty)
  • How to maintain a child focus
  • How to respond to safeguarding concerns
  • Your role as a Childminder in relation to safeguarding
  • Common Assessment Framework
  • How to safely record and share information about the children in your care
  • Working together with statutory and non-statutory agencies and partners
  • How to handle complaints and allegations


If I employ an assistant, can they take this childminders safeguarding training course?

Yes. Our Child Protection for Childminders online training course is the best choice for childminders and their assistants.


Got a question about childminders safeguarding training?

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