Child protection reform too slow

Professor Eileen Munro delivered a review in 2011 on changes required to child protection services.  Following that report, she has recently delivered a progress report calling for the Government to speed up policing and health reforms.

Professor Munro’s report says that reforms taking place in parallel to those in child protection such as in health and policing were still evolving and that the government should continue to facilitate and encourage understanding between the services.  She felt it was so important for Local Safeguarding Child Boards, Health and Wellbeing Boards and other professional bodies not to allow safeguarding to get lost but at the same time she was very positive about how councils have been recruiting principal social workers to make sure that front-line workers are properly represented to both managers and those managing budgets.

Children’s Minister Tim Loughton responded that the government is committed to doing everything possible to get the right mechanisms in place and making sure that local authorities are strong enough to step up to the challenge.