Child Protection overhaul needs departments to work together

Last week, the Government announced a drastic overhaul on the child protection system. Questions are now being asked about how the new system will work with so many different departments involved in protecting vulnerable children amongst them police, GPs, midwives, health visitors, teachers and social workers.

Information gathering on each case is crucial and the first step is social services who must respond to a concern over the welfare of a child within one working day. Unfortunately though, departments are under so much strain as they struggle to cope with huge caseloads and high levels of stress.

The government’s agenda is refreshing in that it sees the needs of the children so high and social work teams will be delighted to embrace a system of improved assessment regulations. However, in order to implement this improved system, they will require sufficient resources to do so effectively and consistently.

One way of ensuring more success would be to encourage all the various departments involved working together and speaking to each other. One way of developing relationships between the departments would be to bring it down to a more local level of professionals working together with the children, their families and each other.