Child protection issue discussed on Jeremy Vine

The first issue discussed on today’s Jeremy Vine Show on Radio 2 was dealing with recent allegations about the private life of the late Sir Jimmy Saville and possible inappropriate relationships with under age girls.

Callers included Esther Rantzen who was speaking in her capacity as a founding member of Childline.

One of the other callers into the programme made some extremely sensible remarks. One being that no matter what happens, there can be no conclusion to this matter in the court of law as Sir Jimmy Saville will not be able to defend himself and the only people who know what happened are the girls in question and him.

Another remark made led on from this. The caller stated that if anyone was to come forward now to cooberate what the alleged victims are saying, they would have to have known about or seen inappropriate behaviour at the time when it is supposed to have happened. At this point, the observer would have been under an obligation to report their suspicions and allow the appropriate authorities to act. By not doing so, does that person then become an accomplice to the alleged act?

If you are unsure about how you would respond in such situations, please have a look at our child protection training courses.