Can digital technology help child protection authorities?

FutureGov was set up some 5 years ago and works to combine digital technology and design in order to enable public services to be more efficient and therefore effective.

They have now entered the field of child protection. Having worked on the project for 3 years, they have now launched a web application which they hope will be used to revolutionise the way professionals work to safeguard children and vulnerable adults more effectively.

The idea is that those involved in different organisations and services will, by using social network media, be able to identify and keep in contact with other professionals involved in a particular case – something which has been sorely missing for many years and has been evidenced in a number of high profile cases where one authority may have been aware of issues with an individual whereas the information hasn’t been shared with other agencies in any way.

The concept is called Patchwork and has been financed by NESTA and Lichfield County Council.