Calls for child neglect laws to be updated – Further news

Further to yesterday’s news that the charity, Action for Children, has called for updates to be applied to the 80 year old chil neglect laws, Shadow Minister for Children and Families Catherine McKinnell has supported the call.  In a statement, she said: “An issue of this seriousness and sheer scale must be a political priority for all parties.

“The Government should take steps to ensure that criminal legislation is fit for the challenges faced today and reflects our improved understanding of the very serious harm neglect causes.

“This is the right time to review the existing criminal law on child neglect.”

In addition to this, comes the response from the Government’s Children’s Minister, Tim Loughton, who said: “Children’s  welfare and protection is paramount.

“The best way to stop abuse and neglect is to intervene early before problems escalate, which is why we’ve made clear that children’s services, police and NHS must target vulnerable families well before children are put at risk.

“We asked Professor Munro to carry out an independent review of child protection last year, and she identified that services are often too reactive.

“We know that if help is given to vulnerable children and families as early as possible, there is more chance of turning lives around and protecting them from harm.”