Cafcass explain higher care figures

Only a few days ago, Cafcass published 5 year historical figures. These figures showed a continuous increase in recent figures of children taken into care. An explanation of the increases has been given by Anthony Douglas, Chief Executive of Cafcass who explained that “Agencies are working more quickly to ensure that children are removed from deeply damaging households where many have been for some time and are showing a lower tolerance for poor parenting. What we are seeing is an elimination of drift in neglect cases and a greater recognition of the appalling impact neglect can have on children”.

One other view as to why the figures may have increased is put forward by Patrick Butler of the Guardian, who says “Most children who go into care do so as a result of concerns that they are being neglected, not that they are at risk of physical violence or sexual abuse. The increase in applications reflects a greater appreciation of the impact on children of parental neglect, emotional abuse and domestic violence”. This comes in the wake of the Baby P case only a couple of years ago.