Behaviour management and initial teacher training

A recently published report states that behaviour management techniques are lacking in initial teacher training.  It also suggests that trainees should graduate with a portfolio of videos to demonstrate their use of behaviour management techniques with real classes.

The report says that training should be delivered by someone with real classroom experience and that it should be regularly revisited throughout the training period.  Teacher trainees should also be given adequate time to reflect upon their techniques and discuss ways in which they can make improvements with the support of a mentor.

As behaviour management is such an integral part of a teacher’s day, the government’s behaviour tsar Tom Bennett has stated that it should be addressed in a practical way and not ‘through a lecture or a handout, or worse still just assume they are going to pick it up in school as they go along’.

There is also a suggestion that trainees could take part in role-play scenarios before they begin their first teaching placements.