BBC Panorama programme, CQC and vulnerable adults …

A BBC Panorama programme uncovered vulnerable adults suffering physical and verbal abuse in a Bristol hospital after which the Care Quality Commission (CQC) carried out 145 unannounced inspections of hospitals and care homes. Of that number, it was found that nearly half didn’t actually meet welfare standards.

48% of the premises inspected failed to meet required standards in terms of care, welfare and whether people were safe from abuse. The report also found that independently-run services were twice as likely to fail as those which are run by the NHS.

69 of the 145 inspected locations failed to meet one or both standards and 35 failed to meet both.

The report went on to suggest that there are lessons to be learned by care providers with regards to the use of restraint and an urgent need to reduce its use. It said that staff should be trained to use more appropriate ways of restraining patinets.