Why should schools offer e-Safety training to parents?

Ofsted recognise the importance of children being taught about e-Safety both in school AND in the home environment.  The Inspecting e-Safety briefing for Ofsted inspectors includes a sample question:

How does the school educate and support parents and whole school community with online safety?

and recommends inspectors look for evidence of:

  • Parents’ e-Safety sessions
  • Raising awareness through school website or newsletters

Stating that good or outstanding practice would include:

  • Workshops for parents
  • Safety resources offered to parents
  • Children educating parents

Our e-safety training course for parents aims to assist schools in safeguarding their children and in their responsibilities as specified by Ofsted. The online course means that parents can take the training at a time and place convenient to them and the central training record we provide means schools can monitor who has taken the training and use this record as evidence to Ofsted.