Teaching your kids how to cross the online streets safely

“The weather is warming up and parents are reviewing summer rules with their kids. Don’t play with matches, watch for cars, and don’t talk to strangers.

We invest a lot of time in teaching our kids how to be safe in the world they live in. It is just as important however, to teach our children how to stay safe in the online world.”


Misty Ivie writes a very interesting blog on e-Safety and how parents can educate their children.  She uses the analogy of crossing the road and how parents approach to road safety changes as children get older.  Starting with carrying them across, then walking with them, then watching them cross and finally trusting them to cross safely by themselves. Misty suggests some respective e-Safety steps such as:

  • Showing them sites that you use in your everyday life
  • Talk about how you stay safe online.
  • Show the positive uses of the Internet and warn against the dangers
  • Create a parent email account just for your kids’ online accounts
  • Allow them to try a website with a little less parental control – let them know you’ll still be supervising to start with
  • Eventually you will feel confident that you have prepared them to manage their own online presence.

If you want to learn more about how to educate children about e-Safety you might want to take our e-Safety for parents course.