Teaching primary school children about online risks

It has been in the news this week that many parents think schools should be teaching children as young as five about the dangers of pornography, due to the presence of such material on the internet.  It is recognised that as soon as a child is able to use an internet devise they need to be educated about how to use it safely and responsibly.  As pointed out in an article on ITV.com a child’s access to the internet can not be continually monitored:

….as every parent who has tried to censor their child’s online consumption understands, it only takes another child’s unprotected computer or handset to beat their best efforts. As one despairing mother told me: “Its like holding up an umbrella in a hurricane.”

All adults who care for, teach or supervise children need to be equipped with the e-Safety knowledge to enable they to educate children, they are responsible for, about keeping safe online.  The ChildProtectionCompany.com provides two online e-Safety training course; one aimed at professionals and one at parents.  For further information on these courses please click here