Talk to children about online safety

A survey by the National Crime Agency (NCA)  has found that many parents do not feel confident to talk to their children about e-safety risks. The NCA report with 15% of parents having never spoken to their children about staying safe online and 48% of parents said they hadn’t had a conversation recently. The NCA experts are encouraging parents to have open and on-going conversations with their children to help understand what the children are doing online and to give them advice about how to keep safe.

Top Tips for Parents, from the NCA include:

  • Build your confidence in how to have a conversation with your child about their online life.
  • Find out what your child is exploring online.
  • Set up parental control on your internet connection.
  • Share Thinkuknow advice with your friends and family.
  • Review privacy settings on the apps and the sites your children use.