Social Media: friend or foe?

Social media is a great way to connect and communicate with people.  However, to many it can pose a veritable minefield of security settings, fears about privacy and online etiquette.

Some schools confidently embrace the use of social media, with many setting up their own Twitter accounts or Facebook pages in order to keep parents up to date on school activities etc.  With many parents utilising social media on a daily basis, is this method of communication better than the traditional letter home, which more often than not arrives screwed up in the bottom of the school bag?

According to the latest Ofsted guidance, schools should be educating students about how to recognise and manage any potential online risks. This is not necessarily as easy as it sounds, especially when many staff feel they know less about social media than the students they teach.

Social media tends to pose the biggest concern for teachers as students spend much of their online time on these sites and they are often cited as places where bullying occurs. Although the majority of these issues take place outside of school hours, it’s important to remember that the school’s e-safety ethos should encompass sharing the message with parents and carers. Opportunities to share good e-safety practice could include information on the school website, workshops or parents’ e-safety courses.

Does your school use social media successfully?  If so, which sites work best?

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