e-Safety public awareness

An blog in the Guardian takes a tongue in cheek look at how we could adopt Websafe Guy as the face of a public awareness campaign about online safety for children. The idea of a Green Cross Code-style public awareness campaign has been suggested by the TalkTalkCEO.

The blog suggests Websafe Guy would need a slogan along the lines of Stop, Look, Listen and comes up with the following:

DON’T use your real name online, because then strangers can track you down. Instead, pick a cool nickname like your precise address or your mum’s phone number.

DO save all your IM conversations, so the police can read them if you get in trouble. Your mum doesn’t need to read them. She worked out all your passwords ages ago and knows everything you get up to anyway. Also, “Bieberwife4eva” is a terrible password.

DON’T forget to use SafeSearch filters to protect you from unsavoury content. You really don’t want your mum walking in and finding you looking through the uncensored image search results for the term “big jugs”. Trust me.

(Source: The Guardian)

But on a serious note if you want to learn more about helping to keep children safe online take a look at our e-Safety training courses designed to give you the knowledge you need.