e-Safety – keeping children safe

A new application has been launched which allows parents to control how and when children use their mobile phones to access the internet and social media sites.

The app from AlphaBlue is currently available for Android and BlackBerry phones. Once the app is downloaded, on to a child’s phone, parents can then log on to the AlphaBlue website to set the level of control. These controls allow them to restrict their child’s use of the internet and social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, during set time periods such as during school hours, late evenings and overnight.

The AlphaBlue website says its goal is “to give parents peace of mind and to help keep children safe from exposure to grooming, the internet, cyber bullying, high phone bills, not going to sleep at night, (and) distraction from classwork or homework”.                               (source : www.orange.co.uk)

Apps like this can be useful tools for parents however they can not and do not replace the need for e-Safety education.  Knowledge on how to keep safe whilst using the internet and mobile phones remains the most important element of e-Safety.  Children need to learn the skills to keep themselves safe so they can transfer these skills to any situation, whichever devise they are using and whichever filters or controls are or are not in use.

For further information on learning how to help keep children safe online click here for details of our e-Safety for parents and e-Safety for schools training courses.