e-Safety Conference – 6th Feb 2013

6th Feb 2013 – Annual One-day e-Safety Conference (East Midlands)

Given the rapid advances in social media and the way young people are using them, are you confident you could demonstrate outstanding e-Safety to an Ofsted inspector?

Bringing together national e-Safety experts, this conference will help you understand both the risks and the benefits involved of embracing the internet and help ensure your school meets Ofsted’s new requirements:

  • Elaine Long, an Ofsted Inspector, will interpret the new e-Safety guidance, outline what inspectors will be looking for and what it all means in practical terms for your school.
  • Alan Mackenzie will show you how to mitigate e-Safety risks and drive ICT safely across the curriculum.
  • William Baldet of PREVENT will highlight the risks of getting it wrong and what you should be doing to avoid issues.

The conference will also highlight how other schools have tackled e-Safety and how you can address the increasing problem of staff being bullied on social media, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Benefits of attending:

  • Recognise the risks currently facing your school, your students and your staff.
  • Learn about the tools and strategies you can use to mitigate these risks.
  • Embed e-Safety across the curriculum.
  • Prepare your school for your next Ofsted inspection.
  • Understand the positive aspects of e-Safety for your school.
  • Hear how to deal with the issue of school staff being bullied through social media.

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