e-Safety and Ofsted: how NOT to get caught out!

All schools are aware of the need for robust safeguarding procedures however, some are still not fully aware of the role e-safety plays within this. Ofsted inspect e-safety practice within schools as part of their safeguarding provision. As a result, thousands of school staff have taken the online e-Safety Awareness Course with the ChildProtectionCompany.com. This course is a great way to introduce your staff to the e-safety requirements and to ensure that they can spot the potential e-safety risks.

You may also not be aware that Ofsted expect to see schools’ involvement with parents and families to ensure the e-safety message is continued at home. With this in mind, we also offer a course specifically written for parents, which explores e-safety and the role parents can play in keeping children safe online.

So, if you don’t want to get caught out by Ofsted, make sure you sign up for our courses today. Prices for the e-Safety Awareness Course start from as little as £14 + VAT (based on a purchase of 100+ courses). Give us a call on 01327 223283 or drop us a line of help@childprotectioncompany.com and we can get your school signed up TODAY!