Cyberbullying guidance

The Anti-bullying alliance has released guidance for teachers and other professionals on Cyberbullying and children and young people with SEN and disabilities. The guidance has been developed following qualitative research with children and young people with disabilities, learning difficulties, mental health issues, emotional and /or behavioural difficulties.

The research findings included:

 young people reported that they had been actively discouraged from using the internet, which many attributed to adults own concerns about internet safety or the risk of potential bullying. Some young people felt this was because adults were ‘scared’ of the internet; or unsure how to advise on using it safely: “I use it a lot, but my Mum doesn’t know”

Education, or a lack of, was shown to play a huge part in the young people’s internet use, and their ability to deal with difficult situations which might arise from being online; with many reporting a total absence of support to learn about cyber-bullying or internet safety.

Source: Anti-Bullying Alliance

Online training on e-Safety for professionals and parents is available here.