Are you influencing your child’s digital identity?

As a parent have you ever stopped to think about what influence you may be having by posting pictures of your children on social media?  We are becoming more aware of educating our children to think about what they are posting about themselves online, but as parents have we thought about the effect of our posts?

A report on BBC news highlights that the first generation of children, to have their childhood documented online, are now reaching adulthood and not all are happy with the digital image inadvertently created by their parents. With the average UK parent posting almost 1500 photos of their child by the time they reach five years old (Nominet) it is highly likely that some of those pictures will embarrass the child as they grow older. Some posts will also create a different “identity” to the one the young adult wishes to portray, to both their friends and prospective employers – who now regularly view an applicants online presence prior to employment.

So perhaps we should give more thought to what we post about family and friends and how those posts might be interpreted by others.  Parents could review posts with their children, giving them the option to delete or untag themselves from anything they wanted to, giving them back control of their digital identity.