Annual One-day e-Safety conference – Who should attend?

The will be holding a one day e-Safety conference on 6th February 2013 covering, amongst other things, the subjects of Ofsted inspections and good practice.

Ofsted are now inspecting e-Safety practice within schools as part of every school’s safeguarding arrangements and expecting to see all schools demonstrating that they are providing the following:

• Annual e-Safety training for all school staff.
• A whole organisational approach to e-Safety, with shared responsibility.
• A move to managed systems where children are taught to identify and manage e-Safety risks.
• A clear e-Safety strategy, with regularly reviewed policies.
• Guidance & communication with families to continue the e-Safety message at home.

Who should be attending the conference:

• Senior Designated Persons for Child Protection and their Deputies
• Head of ICT
• e-Safety Officers
• Head teachers and their Deputies and Assistants
• Members of the Pastoral Team
• Anti-bullying team members
• Local Authority Education Staff

For further information on the conference click here.