Updated e-Safety Course

Our e-Safety course has just been updated and refreshed to include the latest e-Safety information and Ofsted guidance (Sept 2013).  The course now has two new modules; on the home/school context of e-Safety and on Ofsteds e-safety requirements.

The course gives an introduction to e-Safety and includes:

  • What is e-Safety?
  • Home and school context
  • Technology in use today
  • What are the risks to children?
  • Educating and empowering children to minimise risks
  • What are the risks to you and how to reduce those risks?
  • Dealing with e-Safety incidents
  • Ofsted
  • Assessment and further information/resources.

The training course is online so can be taken at a time and place to suit you and it has added flexibility, as it can be stopped and started as many times as you like – always taking you back to where you were previously.

For further more details of the e-Safety course click here.