The importance of e-Safety for Parents

A parents role in helping their children keep safe online has been highlighted again following a recent report from Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) stating that there has been an increase in online offences against children.  Writing for The Guardian, Jonathan Baggaley says:

“The best way to help prevent your child experiencing problems on the internet is by taking an active and informed interest in their lives – online and in the real world. Have a conversation with your child about their life online. Then, have another. Find out what they love about the internet, keep up an active interest and if problems arise, you’ll be the one they turn to.” (Source: The Guardian)

Because of the ever evolving use of the internet and the technology around it, having conversations with children about online safety does not always come easily. The are finding that many schools are now using the e-Safety for Parents online training course to help educate families about online safety and to enable parents to help their children to keep safe whilst using the internet.  For further information on this training click here.