Parents want e-Safety training – study finds

A study by Plymouth University and AVG Technologies has found that UK parents feel that an on-line assessment of their e-Safety knowledge would help them to educate their children about e-Safety, by identifing any weakness in their own knowledge.

Quoted on CRB online Andy Phippen, professor at Plymouth University, said: “Safe Internet use should be top of mind for all parents; sexting, cyberbullying, exposure to explicit content and other Internet-related issues are only on the increase.”

“To protect our children from these dangers both parents and schools need to continually work to stay ahead of how children use the Internet and of the relevant guidance we need to provide.”

AVG Technologies are said to be seeking support from government and schools to develop an internet safety assessment for parents; ‘effectively extending e-safety training to parents’. (Source: CBR)

At the we have been providing on-line e-safety training to schools and parents for almost a year.  Many schools have purchased unlimited training packages to ensure adequate courses for all their staff and parents and here are some of their comments:

“I purchased the online e-Safety course for all Academy staff and I was impressed with the way that it was easy to administer, monitor and deploy. As this has been authored in line with the e-Safety report as published by Ofsted this gave me the confidence that the content would help education and demonstrate our commitment to on going e-Safety requirements. In addition we have recently purchased the parent version of the course which I feel is also important as working with the extended community is a vital part of the education process. Again I found the administration and management element of the course and working with the Child Protection Company a hassle free one. I can now report that all staff have completed and passed the educator e-Safety course and parents have started to take up the opportunity to do the same.”

   Andrew Richardson-Medd, Assistant Headteacher, Thomas Ferens Academy   (e-Safety schools and e-Safety parents)

“Will highly recommend. Hope many parents choose to go through this – so important that we all work together to try to keep our children safe “

Parent, Harrogate Grammar School (e-Safety Parents)

“Very easy to use. Good information and very easy to follow.  Has been useful and useful websites given.”

Parent, St Thomas More High School (e-safety Parents)

“Much better than having to attend a scheduled meeting regarding Child Protection at your work place. It allowed me the choice of selecting a time and place that was convenient to me as well as enabling me to proceed at my own pace. I found that I was able to fully concentrate on the seriousness of the material and better retain this knowledge both for the end of course assessment and if I am faced with making decisions in the future regarding students potentially at risk from e-Safety incidents.
A user-friendly, uncomplicated course to navigate and complete in around an hour!
Thank you!”

Pat McHugh, Harrogate Grammer School (e-Safety Schools)