Online E-Safety course

New E-Safety training Course

Our online e-safety training course is now available. It is designed to provide you with the e-safety knowledge to help keep the children you are responsible for, and yourself, safe when using modern technology. In today’s high tech world e-safety awareness and management is a vital part of an organisation’s safeguarding practice.

Schools and education settings should be aware that from September 2012 Ofsted inspections will have a renewed focus on e-Safety in schools. Ofsted have published a new briefing for their inspectors: Inspecting e-Safety which details the expectations on schools and the key features of good and outstanding e-Safety practice.

Ofsted’s briefing states the importance of e-Safety training in order for schools to gain good or outstanding ratings for their e-Safety practice. We have an education specific version of our e-Safety course to assist schools in meeting their e-safety and Ofsted requirements.

Written by a leading e-Safety expert the course will provide you with information on:

  • The different types of technology children are using today and the associated risks
  • The importance of educating and empowering children
  • How to identify and reduce safety risks to you
  • How to deal with e-safety incidents

At the end of the course there is a short assessment to test understanding and on successful completion of this assessment you will be awarded a certificate valid for one year.

To learn more or to purchase the e-safety training course please follow this link.