Ofsted, e-Safety and ChildProtectionCompany.com

Ofsted are now inspecting e-Safety practice within schools as part of every school’s safeguarding arrangements and from September 2012 all schools are now required to demonstrate to Ofsted that they are providing the following:

– Annual e-Safety training for all school staff.
– A whole organisational approach to e-Safety, with shared responsibility.
– A move to managed systems where children are taught to identify and manage e-Safety risks.
– A clear e-Safety strategy, with regularly reviewed policies.
– Guidance & communication with families to continue the e-Safety message at home.

The e-Safety Level 1 online training course from the ChildProtectionCompany.com enables schools to quickly and easily fulfil Ofsted’s requirement for all staff to receive at least annual e-Safety training and with courses from as little as £16.80 per course, they are highly affordable too. Unlimited training packages are also available on request.

All courses include an individual e-safety Training Course Certificate upon completion, which is valid for 1 year.

The new guidance for Ofsted inspectors on the requirements for e-Safety is available here which outlines what inspectors will be looking for and the types of questions they will be asking your school leadership teams, the staff and students in your school.

For an easy, cost effective way to develop outstanding e-safety provision and demonstrate your school’s compliance with these new requirements to Ofsted, please contact us.