How young should we start teaching e-Safety?

It seems that it’s never too early to start teaching children about e-Safety.  The Telegraph reports that a survey has found that children as young as two have been caught accessing explicit material on the internet. The research, carried out by comparison service, found that three million UK families had discovered their children viewing violent, explicit or pornographic material on the internet, with the youngest age quoted as being two-years-old.

Our online e-Safety for parents course is proving popular to help educate adults in this ever changing topic:

“I thought this was an very good course and it has made me think of the internet in a different light. I have learnt new things that I wasn’t aware of before. Some of the information does make you really think about how the internet is being used by others, as well as our children, and just how easy it is to gain access to our children when they are on the internet so it is extremely important to keep them safe. A very useful and informative course.”

Parent,  BenHall Infant School

“This was extremely good, we did the course as a family and it benefited us all and got us talking about subjects like sexting, which kids usually want to avoid talking about with their parents. Thank you “

 Parent, Reading School

“The information was easy to follow with jargon explained. It has given me lots of pointers to help keep my children safe on line and the children have  been asking questions about this course which is also educating them at the same time! Will highly recommend.”

Parent, Appletree School