e-Safety training needs to start early

e-Safety awareness is a life skill which needs to be taught to children from a young age; just like children are taught about road safety awareness they need to learn how to use the internet safely.  With access to the internet all around us, with its endless opportunities and risks, it is important that children learn how to differentiate what is:

  • good and bad
  • safe and risky
  • true and untrue
  • appropriate and inappropriate.

As with road safety its never too early to start learning these e-Safety lessons and never too late to keep reinforcing them –  just as you may still remind your teenager not to have both earphones in and his music on too loud whilst riding his bike into town.  Conversations about e-Safety need to be ongoing both at home and at school.

An article on  BBC news looks at some of the figures around e-Safety incidents with children and how online abuse is now said to be our biggest child protection issue.