E-Safety requirements for schools

Ofsted are now inspecting e-Safety practice within schools.  New guidance for Ofsted inspectors was published in September 2012 and is available here. The guidance highlights what Ofsted inspectors will be looking for are with regards to e-Safety in schools and this includes:

  1. Evidence that all school staff have received annual e-Safety training.
  2. A whole school approach to e-Safety.
  3. The involvement of parents and families to continue the e-Safety message at home.
  4. A clear e-Safety strategy with up to date polices.
  5. A move to managed systems where children are taught to identify and manage e-Safety risks.

The ChildProtectionCompany.com have two online courses available to help schools fulfill their e-Safety responsibilities:

  • The e-Safety Level 1 online training course is designed for teachers and all school staff and it enables schools to quickly and easily fulfil Ofsted’s requirement for all staff to receive at least annual e-Safety training.
  • The Parents e-Safety course is an excellent way to engage and involve parents in the e-Safety message. This course is written to raise parents and carers awareness of e-Safety, equipping then to reinforce e-Safety practice in the home.

For more details please see our e-Safety for Schools page