e-Safety – protecting children through training

Education is widely given as the most important element of e-Safety and this message has recently been reinforced by Peter Davies, the chief executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection, in an interview published at Public Service.co.uk

Davies is quoted as saying  that education is vital to keep children safe on-line.

“It essential that every child in this country receives and appropriate level of internet education,”.

The article states that Davis accepts that children will always be exposed to some risk on the internet. and quotes him as saying:

“Ultimately their safety will to a large extent depend on their understanding of the risks, their confidence and knowledge of how to take control of those risks, and something for them to do if they have got real concerns.

Davis wants on-line safety taught to the youngest of children and argues that it is just as important as teaching them safety when crossing the road.

Training courses are available via the ChildProtectionCompany.com aimed at teachers and parents.  By educating adults about e-Safety and how to keep children safe, the e-Safety message can then be passed onto children. For more information on e-Safety training courses click here.