e-Safety – Empowering, educating and raising awareness

In the same way we teach our children how to cross the road safely and how to swim, it is imperative that we also teach children how to stay safe online. It is not sufficient to show the children a video or two and expect this to suffice; e-safety is partly about empowering the children; most importantly we should teach this as a life skill. The earlier children understand this life skill the more beneficial it will be.

Would you teach your child to drive if you can’t drive yourself? The same is true of e-safety. Everybody must understand this life skill; this includes all staff, voluteers, governing bodies and parents/guardians. In order to empower others and to be able to risk assess for yourself, you also need to have a good understanding of the risks and dangers.

The above is taken from the overview of the online e-Safety course provided by ChildProtectionCompany.com.