Managing staff employment in schools

A new document from the Department for Education, Managing staff employment in schools, provides statutory guidance to maintained schools and LAs on the School Staffing (England) Regulations 2009. The document is designed to help schools ensure they have a clear understanding of their statutory responsibilities regarding staff employment matters.

Guidance on  pre-appointment checks required by the School Staffing Regulation is included i.e.  the use of the employer access online system  to identify any existing teacher prohibitions made by the General Teaching Council England or the Secretary of State and checks of the two Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) ‘barred lists’ (previously called ISA barred lists).

This guidance also includes information on:

  • delegation of authority by the governing body
  • local and diocesan authorities’ advice
  • appointing a headteacher or deputy headteacher
  • appointment of teachers other than headteachers or deputy headteachers
  • appointment of support staff
  • performance management and dealing with performance issues
  • staff at schools with a religious character
  • collaborating schools
  • staffing of new schools