Not all CRB umbrella organisations are the same

Not all CRB umbrella organisations are the same.  When you’re choosing which organisation to process your CRB checks, make sure they use E-Bulk, which is the electronic link to the criminal records bureau or you may encounter much longer delays.

The old paper based solution requires applicants to be sent a form in the post.  The form is then completed and sent back to the umbrella organisation.  If an error has been made a new form is sent back to the applicant the process is repeated.  Once a form is correctly filled in, it is then posted to the criminal records bureau.  This process can take days, if not weeks.

With E-Bulk the applicant fills in their details online.  Most errors can be picked up at the point of entry automatically.  Once validated, the data is then sent electronically to the criminal record bureau.  The whole process can be completed on the same day.